Heiko Lickert, Germany

Helmholtz Zentrum München German Research Center for Environmental Health
Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research

Heiko Lickert obtained his PhD in Biology from the University of Freiburg and his PhD and Postdoctoral studies were carried out in the laboratory of Prof. Rolf Kemler at the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg and in the laboratory of Prof. Janet Rossant at the Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada.
Currently he is a W3 Professor and Chair of Beta Cell Biology in the Medical Faculty of the Technical University Munich, the Director of the Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research and Principal Investigator in the Institute of Stem Cell Research at the Helmholtz Center Munich. He is also in the Steering Committee of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center, the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus and in the Research Coordination Board of the German Center for Diabetes Research. His work has been funded by the European Research Council and an Emmy-Noether fellowship from the German Research Foundation.

Presentations by Heiko Lickert

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