Abdulkadir Isidan, United States

Research Fellow
Transplant Surgery
Indiana University

Dr. A. Kadir Isidan, MD is a post-doctoral researcher whose research is focused on the usability of porcine corneas in humans. He currently works under the supervision of Dr. Burcin Ekser at Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM).

Dr. Isidan is a graduate of Istanbul University School of Medicine, Turkey in 2016. After graduation, he practiced as a general practitioner in different medical areas for two years. In 2018, he joined IUSM Xenotransplantation Research Laboratory where he is involved in different aspects of transplant and xenotransplant immunology as well as coagulation dysregulation. He is the lead researcher in corneal decellularization, investigating different decellularization techniques, and xenoantigens might have roles in corneal xenograft rejection.

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