Takashi Yokoo, Japan

Nephrology and Hypertension
The Jikei University School of Medicine

Takashi Yokoo received MD (1991) and PhD (1998) from Jikei University, Tokyo Japan, He worked at Department of Medicine, University College London as a visiting scientist (1994-1996 when he moved back to Jikei University). He became Professor of Medicine, Director of Nephrology and Hypertension of Jikei University (2013). His research has centered on the renal pathology of glomerulonephritis. He also focused on the renal stem cell as a source for kidney regeneration. Very recently his research team succeeded to generate a whole organ which may produce urine from nephron progenitor cells and start to industrialize this technique to apply for clinical use for human. 

Lectures by Takashi Yokoo

When Session Talk Title Room
08:35 - 10:05
Session — Replacement of Kidney Function Generation of human kidney tissue in animal hosts Audimax Auditorium (A.030)

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